Conic Collections Limited

Founded in 1995, Conic Collections Limited has evolved through a journey of discoveries. In our earlier years, Conic has devoted in bringing in new, innovative quality products to the local Hong Kong market so to serve the Architects' & Designers' limitless design potential.

Advances in glass technology has enabled us, Conic Collections Limited in creating a wide range of glass, ceramic, marble, metal, wood, Mother of Pearl decorative products that can be used for walls & floors. These products are effective design materials, whether they are used as an accent piece or backsplash or as the main component. As a result, they can be incorporated successfully into both traditional and modern interiors, leaving a strong impression wherever they are used, but without dominating the interior.

We also produce Art Mosaic Murals along with our standard products. In fact, all existing Mosaic Murals found in the Hong Kong subway stations are completed by Conic Collections Limited. Our artists can produce mosaic murals from photos, water or oil painting and digital images.

Here at Conic Collections Limited, we strive to constantly exploit new production processes and new ideas in order to bring out the full beauty and flexibility of those decorative materials. In the near future, we will continue to devote our utmost effort in research & development necessary to produce state of the art products with consistent high quality and standard.